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You were driving when the car in front of you kicked up a rock that bounced off your windshield and left a nasty little chip. If you wait   too long to fix it, it could spread into a full-blown crack.  When that happens, it becomes necessary to replace the glass instead of just repairing it.  If you get it to us while it is still less than 1” wide, not only can we fix it , but in many instances, your insurance may cover it.


Rock Chip services include

·         Economically extend your windshield’s life

·         Polymer injection strengthens glass

·         Committed to our customers

·         Quality work at discount prices

·         No hidden fees or extras

·         In-shop discounts

·         Mobile repair available


Our experienced technicians use state of the art equipment to provide you with the highest quality glass repair possible.

CONTACT US FOR FREE QUOTES:                            901-937-0588


We will replace any piece glass on your car.  From the front windshield to the back glass, and all door glass, vent glass, and quarter glass on your car -- we do them all!

Whether it is your personal car, a fleet of cars, trucks , or vans all the way to a big rig, we are trained and equipped to handle it all.  

We use factory approved adhesives and parts to ensure you the best job. 


That's the THINGY that makes the window go up and down!  We can usually get this done same day too.


We can offer you anything from just the glass on your mirror all the way to the whole assembly!  

chip repairs
window regulators


That's the thingy that makes the door glass go up and down!

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