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Hey Grandma!!!! Fire up that stove! I'm on my way to your house for turkey!!! I think I'll drive! Got dad's keys and I'm ready to roll!! Did you know that Thanksgiving is considered the BUSIEST day of the year to travel. When you are on the road with all those other drivers (they're trying to get to grandma's too) make sure that your car is safe and ready to drive. Car fluids good? --CHECK! Tires - right pressure? - CHECK Insurance card and Registration ? - CHECK Toll road change? - CHECK Windows clean and clear? - CHECK CHECK! Don't forget a few road trip snacks! (My fav is still pimento cheese sandwiches with a side of potato chips. (Check my post a while back) If you need those chips fixed before you start out or if that windshield needs to be replaced, give us a call. In as little as one hour we can have you back on the road again. 901-937-0588 So as always, be safe and DRIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!! S.

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