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Happy Father's day!

There are a lot of unsung heroes out there and we call them D A D. These are guys who everyday, unselfishly, work with hopes of giving their families a good life.

These guys fight our dragons and chase the scary things away! They are our role models and encouragers! They always have our backs. They help us with our homework and even share their French fries! They watch TV with us and eat popcorn, take us fishing, and teach us to do stuff like play volleyball! They are the barbecue experts in the family. Sometimes they act like big tough guys but underneath any bravado ... we know that they love us.

They help teach us right from wrong. They are the white hat wearers! With quiet resolve, these men form our view of the world! They are serious and silly all rolled up into one big wonderful guy.

They are strength tethered with love and... they literally ROCK OUR WORLD!!!

As you hit the road this weekend to honor your dad, DRIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT AND BE SAFE!

And today we want to wish all the fathers out there a wonderful and heartfelt

Happy Father's Day from us at Discount Auto Glass!


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