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The Red Easter Boots

Easter shoes

Easter is just a few days away. Got your Easter outfit? hint … red boots ???

What are you doing to celebrate? Going to church ? Having an Easter egg hunt? Family brunch? Driving to Grandmas for big family dinner?? Just hangin out??

If you're going to be hangin with family friends, here's a fun thought...while you're all setting around, ask them what their favorite childhood memory on Easter Sunday was. I bet you'll get all kinds of crazy answers. Here's mine..

My mom and I lived with my grandparents while my dad was stationed overseas and when Easter came ,that Easter bunny came to our house with lots of eggs and a basket full of candy! My mom and grandmother had the perfect church outfit picked out and ready to GO! Well at least that's what they thought! Yep, black patent shoes, pink frilly dress and in mind ICK!!! Not going to happen! . . . . I had brand new cowboy boots , they were RED and I WAS going to be showing them off to EVERYBODY that day! You can just imagine how well that went over with those two women. N O T !!!

I however had an ace up my sleeve! . . . my GRANDFATHER! Whatever I wanted, I got if he was around! I bet you can't guess who wore her brand new Red cowboy boots for Easter can you? LOL Pink dress, red boots.. it just couldn't have been any better! My mom still has words about that! LOL I however, will always remember that my grandfather loved me enough to go to bat for me even when he knew I really would look silly! He loved me anyway! - Great memory!

I hope everyone of you have someone like him in your life who will back you up even when you look ridiculous!

On a more serious note..

If you're going to be traveling this weekend for the holiday, don't forget to make sure your car is safe and ready. So run that car through a car wash ( it seems to drive better after a bath and I don't know why), check the tires, fill up with gas, if you have broken glass on your car, come see us, we'll can help you with that and get you one the road quickly. We don't want to make you late for Easter dinner.

SOOO get out there and color those Easter eggs! Fill that basket with chocolate bunnies. Wear that new outfit! Attend the Sunrise service at church. Gather with family. Whatever it is, make it a day to remember. And from all of us here.... we wish you a blessed and happy Easter!

Be safe and drive like you mean it!!


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