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Wholly Watermelon!!! Summer's almost gone!!!

4th of July weekend came and left us without even a warning and summer is flying by! BUT . . . . there's still time for one last summer ROAD TRIP! Are you ready ? Where you going? To the lake, to the beach, to the mountains, or an unexplored new city . . . all road trip perfect places. You choose! You can't go wrong.

Just grab your bestie, pack a bag, and . . . . . . GET GOING! Time's a wastin'

As everyone is packing their bags and making plans, don't forget some essentials.. you know ... all thoses things you're going to arrive at your destination and say "where's my... (fill in the blanks, you get the picture).

Here's an idea! Grab a pen and make a list. I know, I know, lists are SOOO boring but .. Don't leave that driveway untill it's checked and double checked. ( Trust me, you'll thank me for this ).

Just a few possible things to add :


Drivers License

Insurance Card

Emergency phone contacts - just in case

Spare Key - This could really be a downer!

If you don't have a spare key, think about buying a tile (Location device). I have found my lost keys more times than I care to admit to with mine.

Phone charger

Phone - I can't tell you how many folks I have talked to who have had all the electronic goodies and LEFT THEIR PHONE AT HOME!



Bank card - some places today don't take cash -- ohhhh bummer!

I bet you can fill in the blanks with a few of your personal don't want to forget things. Go ahead add them it's ok.

Let's talk about that car now.

Spare tire - is it in good condition?

All fluids topped off? Oil ?

Any warning lights on? If so, it is a good idea to have them checked.

Chipped or broken glass? This could become a big deal if you don't take care of it. Call me on this .. I can help.

We just want your trip to be safe and trouble free.

Let's talk about one of MY favorite subjects... Yes you know it's coming ....

ROAD TRIP FOOD and Goodies!

What's your food preference?

Junk Food? No road trip is complete without chips! Cookies! Did someone mention cookies? My favorite at the moment is flourless chocolate. Here's a link to the recipe chocolate-cookies/ It's DELISH!! And don't forget watermelon.!

Fast Food? From Arbys to Starbucks to Zaxby's and everything in between, I bet you've got a fav. Come on, admit it! And watermelon.

Remember . . . . Watermelon!

Gourmet? Going all out with that Williams Sonoma picnic basket filled with fresh goodies from cheese to croissants . Pate on baguettes ? Charcuterie ? Smoked duck with fig preserves? And WATERMELON!!! (smiles)

Let me just remind you.... YOU GOT THIS! Where ever you go or whatever you do.... No matter what your road trip style is, you're gonna make it AWESOME! Because you're YOU! So get out there and get going! Have fun! Laugh! Make memories and .....



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