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Do you have water inside your car when it rains?

by Susan Hess

Do you get water inside your car after it has rained? How is it getting inside your car? Is it a trickle, or is it a full-blown flood?

Do you need your rain boots just to drive?

YIKES! That's not good!

Where is that water coming from?

The logical answer is that the seal around the glass is damaged. Perhaps the glue around your windshield is bad. It could have a pinpoint hole that allows water to enter your car. It could seem like a million other ideas. These are possible good ideas, but maybe that leak is coming from a completely different part of the car.

Where do you park?

Do you park underneath trees?

Do you have a sunroof?

Did you know that sometimes a leak can come from clogged drains? Your sunroof could have a buildup of leaves on the sides.

That can clog the drain.

The water has to have somewhere to go. It could seep into your car from this area and appear as if it is coming from your windshield!

And you wanted to blame that poor unsuspecting windshield.

If you have water inside your car, don't just wish it away.

Unchecked, it could lead to a myriad of serious issues that could become costly to fix....( besides the musty smell that's really gross, the electrical elements in your dash could be at risk).

STOP hoping it's just a one-time thing and it will go away when the sun comes out.

Just so you know, leaks don't fix themselves!

Instead, take your car into a trusted windshield replacement shop. They can water test your windshield right there on the spot and diagnose or eliminate it as the pesky culprit!

If it IS the windshield, an experienced glass shop can take care of the issue before it becomes a full-blown PROBLEM! Finding the root of a problem and fixing it is your best way to protect your car from those elements.!

Don't guess, take action and get back out there behind the wheel!




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