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What is your recipe for a successful road trip??

I LOVE road trips! Do you have any MUST HAVES for your road trips? Sometimes the most basic things help create the perfect road trip. For example, a very clean car is a good starter. Car Wash USA does a pretty good job. Check them out at : for a location close to you. Don't forget your music mix... what's a road trip without your FAVORITE songs? Can you say sing alongs???

Don't forget a full tank of gas. Have you tried the WAZE App? We have found it to be quite accurate to find gas prices near you. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app.

Now. . . clean car

Full tank of gas …


There you go! We're off to a good start!

Where you are going on your road trip will also determine what's next. Phone charged? Siri ready to navigate or do we need a map . does anyone even use those things anymore? Is this a short road trip or is it a ROAD TRIP???

Safety is always first and foremost ! Tires have the right air pressure? Oil checked? If you're going somewhere cold - how's that antifreeze level? Now let's talk about that windshield... does it look like that map we were just talking about? So many cracks that you could start your own directions? Do all your door windows go up and down correctly? That is a little bit important - - - especially if you plan on driving through any fast food establishments. Seriously, though . . . although your windshield is two layers of glass with a laminate in between, if that first layer is broken, that windshield is less safe than before that break. Visit us at WE CAN HELP!!

You know, the windshield does much more that keep bugs off your teeth when you are driving. It is a integral part of the safety system that holds the roof of your up where it needs to be in the event of an accident. In addition, it helps the air bag restraints work the way they are meant to work.

What's next? Looks like we have the start of a good AND safe road trip... but WAIT! How about that road trip FOOD??? That's my favorite part!!! Personally, I like Cheese Salad sandwiches (i'll give you the recipe in a minute), potato chips - LAYS original, and LOTS of Southern SWEET TEA! Ok, we need to add a bunch of sweet stuff too.. Chocolate chip cookies or maybe peanut butter cookies - - they both work!

It can't hurt to stock that cooler with lots of bottled water and maybe a few Cokes .. just sayin.

Then you can fill in with a few off the freeway stops at local favorites to the area. Check with Siri to find local haunts that are worthy of stopping. Often those out of the way places make the best road trip memories! And by the way... that's what a road trip is all about.... making M E M O R I E S!!

So, as promised, one of MY memories! . . . . my grandmother's cheese salad recipe from start to eat!!

1 16 ounce block Velveeta cheese room temperature (see below)*

1 hard boiled egg - chopped

1 medium onion - finely diced

1 - 2 Whole Vlasic dill pickles - diced

1 small jar pimentoes

1/2 - 1 cup Hellmans mayonnaise

I use a potato masher to smush up the Velveeta - that's why room temperature is best!

To that add the rest of the diced and chopped stuff.

Add the mayonnaise .. I start with 1/2 cup and add til it is the consistency I like. now here comes the good part..... add salt and pepper to taste

Spread this between two slices of very soft white bread and get ready to send your taste buds into orbit!!! They're gonna love you!!! Don't forget to add some potato chips to this equation. You'll thank me for it !

As always, hit the road, safely and Happy driving!


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