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It's Time to FALL BACK...

Today is Saturday November 3rd ...TOMORROW is clock FALL BACK day! So for those of us who are "time" challenged, we will be spending a lot of our time trying to figure out what time it is today versus tomorrow and tomorrow, what time it would have been yesterday! Y I K E S! Confusing? Yep! But only to those of us who can't keep it straight! LOL

For the rest of you, hopefully , the sun will still shine and the earth will still remain on its' axis. We still have to get up, make the bed, eat breakfast, go to work, and on and on and on... life will go on and for that we are all grateful!

So, don't let the time change alter your driving skills. While we're still getting used to it, we have to be nice and drive courteously... even when we don't want to be because we can't figure out what time it REALLY is! :) I'm upside just thinking about it!

So just to help you out a bit, if you have a broken windshield, it's TIME (Yes, PUN intended!) to replace it before the weather turns cold and unkind.

WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THAT! Give us a call we will take it from there!

Till next TIME (Oh my GOSH , I did it again!) Be safe and DRIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!


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