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Trunk or Treat...

Soooo.... it's almost Halloween! I bet you think I can't wait! I got my pumpkin hat on and I'm sittin on top of a boatload of candy! Does it get any better than this?


Have you seen this year's cool TRANSFORMER costumes? You can be Bumblebee or Prime and your costume actually turns into a car! How cool is that? As a side note: if Bumblebee or Prime had a broken windshield , we can help them with that!

What is your favorite Halloween memory? Was it a cool costume? Were you a witch? A princess? A pirate? A ghost? Were you hoping for the BEST bucket of candy? Yelling TRICK OR TREAT or BOO!? The Halloween parties? ( you get to dress up and act stupid cause you're wearing a mask!) Or did you just like hanging out with your friends? ... (ok did you tp someone's house?) hmmmm....

Fall weather is approaching. With it comes the beautiful changing of the leaves, cooler temperatures, bulky sweaters, AND you can finally put the sandals away and pull out the cool boots! Oh.. Oh.. Oh. .. don't forget all the pumpkin spice stuff!!!! YEP it's fall!

If you happen to have a chip in your windshield, this might be the time to think about having it repaired. The cooler temperature changes could impact a chip and cause it to run. Once that happens, all you can do is replace the whole piece of glass. When your windshield is chipped, it is already broken, however repairing it will usually buy you some time before you have to spring for a total replacement! We got your back. Call us 901-937-0588.

So whether you are Trick or Treating or driving to that costume party... BUCKLE UP, Drive safe, have fun! If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and say Happy Halloween! We'd love to hear about your favorite memory! As always:

Caution and Care and .....Drive like you mean it!


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